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Who we are

Doug White


Doug is a fourth generation farmer born and raised in Yakima Washington. His career took him international where he managed large multinational projects. Doug worked with people of different backgrounds and agendas and was responsible to find common ground and complete the job on time and under budget. 

Visibility and Voice builds the party and creates a platform for candidates: Doug's run for congress taught him much. Doug's background as a global project manager gave him the skills to achieve more in a campaign than others before him. He coordinated the democrats of Central Washington into a unified campaign team for the first time. Doug raised more money than any candidate in the history of his district. Force his opponent to spend more money than had ever been spent on a campaign in his district and Doug ran the first bi-lingual campaign and held the fist bilingual candidate forums. Doug has combined his skills as a global project manager to leverage organization, data, goal achievement, stakeholder management and more to optimize political organization. Doug believes that elections should be secondary to having a well implemented organization in place.  

Join us

Rural Americans United

We are a fast growing movement and everything we do is grounded in community. We welcome volunteers and potential staffers to fill in an information sheet. 

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