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A Very Special Table

On June 22nd Bob Ferguson held and fund raiser for his exploratory campaign. We at Rural Americans United hosted a table to celebrate some of those that give so much to their communities. There would not be a table big enough to hold everyone that fits that bill, but we chose several. Ulises Navarro who was communications on the Doug White for Congress campaign and went on to manage seven bi-lingual radio stations in the Tri-Cities to educate and inform. Jim and Linda Tabayoyon leaders of the Asian, Pacific Islander and native Hawaiian organization (APIC) out of Wapato, Odalys Gonzalez the super human community outreach coordinator for UFCW 3000, Audel Ramirez who is a champion of the Latino community in Central Washington, Ted Miller editor of the most read democratic publication in the Central Washington. But the most special seat at the table was reserved for Cissy Reyes who has been keeping her sister's name, and those of others that have disappeared, alive for many years.

She was not able to attend that evening because it is thought that they have apprehended the people that killed her sister. I am sure we all know someone that has lost someone dear the tragedy of MMIP. Bless those like Cissy Reyes and our Washington State Democrats Representative of CD4 Patricia Whitefoot for never letting the names fade.

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