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Breaking: Equal Delegate Access for Central & Eastern WA Dems

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  1. Breaking: Equal Delegate Access for Central & Eastern WA Dems

  2. Where Have All Our Children Gone?

  3. Yakima City Council 

  4. Maps

  5. Time Sensitive Opportunities: Don’t Miss Out

Next Newsletter Dominick Bonny Will Be Returning With A New Installment Of “The Rise Of Christian Nationalism”

1. Big News: Equal Delegate Access for Central & Eastern WA Dems

Make history and be part of the time-honored process to nominate President Biden as the 2024 Democratic candidate. Just a few minutes of your time, and the meeting in April is via Zoom, no travel required.

The Washington State Dems have made a historic change! Now, Central & Eastern Washington have equal access to the delegate process. Previously, delegate allocation favored Western LDs, but no more.

This is our chance to level the playing field. If we don't seize it, Seattle could regain dominance. Any Democrat can participate—it's quick and easy, just three minutes. The hybrid April election allows remote participation via Zoom, no travel needed.

Let's ensure Central & Eastern WA voices are heard loud and clear. Spread the word and join us in this pivotal moment!"


2. Where Have All Our Children Gone?

The recent Presidential primary results starkly highlight the erosion of decency, democratic values, and community in rural Washington due to the hate-filled rhetoric of the far-Right, MAGA, and Christian Patriots.

In Central/Eastern Washington, our youth are predominantly exposed to far-Right ideology through homeschooling, Republican party influences, media, peers, and private Christian Patriot schools. The argument that public schools indoctrinate liberal mindsets is debunked by the alarming embrace of MAGA among our youth.

Victimized for too long, we're becoming accustomed to feeling unsafe in our own homes and communities, with nowhere to turn for help.

I'm immensely grateful for those tirelessly upholding democratic values in Central/Eastern Washington. However, we're lacking resources to properly educate and empower ourselves, leaving us on the losing end of a daunting battle.

Despite our best efforts, the decline in Democratic involvement persists indicating the urgency for change. Continuing down the same path won't lead us to where we want to be—we must innovate, forge new paths, and be bold!

Rural Americans United (RAU), alongside other organizations, is pioneering change. We're revamping our successful pro-democratic messaging campaign to deliver even greater impact and faster change. With our Advisory Board, we're embarking on another first for Central/Eastern Washington—using our messaging project to listen to our neighbors. Gathering data on rural needs outside of government interest, we're planning a long-term strategy to solicit opinions, interests, and needs through various media. This data will inform campaigns, nonprofits, policymaking, and more, giving a voice to Central and Eastern Washington.

Join us in celebrating and supporting these vital efforts. Together, we can make a difference

3. Citizen Action Keeps Yakima City MAGA Council In Check

Your signature is needed! Visit Single Hill Brewery, Essencia Bakery, or Catalyst Coffee. Click here to receive instructions and support in signing the petitions.

Two weeks ago, your support made a significant impact in our email campaign. It urged the majority of far-right Yakima City Council members to reconsider their plan of amending or eliminating crucial community councils, which would have limited public input. Thank you for rattling their cages. Now, it's time to take further action and regain control. Coleen Anderson, mentioned in our previous newsletter, is leading a petition drive to halt the implementation of their actions, as outlined in the Yakima City Charter: Chapter four, section three. We need to gather eight hundred signatures on three petitions from Yakima City residents by April 4th, 2024, to ensure they are collated and vetted on time before submission.

The city council members have already engaged in questionable actions aimed at consolidating their power and shielding themselves from external oversight and accountability. Essentially, they are executing Project 2025, as outlined by Heather Cox Richards, to strategically dominate the Yakima City governmental processes. Testing Project 2025 at the local level presents an ideal opportunity, given the limited oversight, personnel, and checks and balances in local governments.

4.  Are The Redistricting Maps Final?

The redistricting maps require deep discussion and evaluation. However, due to the critical urgency of the Washington Democrats Delegation process and the Yakima City Council petition against far-right corruption of our democratic political structure, this article will be postponed to a later installment. Click on the map below for information. Hint: click on the "Tools" at the top left corner of the map and select "Zoom to City or County" to view your district close up and street level.

5. Time Sensitive Opportunities: Don’t Miss Out

Representative Jaimie Raskin's Democracy Summer is announced. It is open to high school and college age young adults. The Democracy Summer project seeks to bring about political change in America by training and deploying the next generation of Democratic organizers and leaders to win elections at every level. Applications are accepted through April 12, 2024. APPLY Thank you to Mary Jo Coblenz for sharing this information.


INATAI - Announces sponsorship to apply for funds that support gatherings to inspire collective action and build community power. Disbursement is usually $2,500 - $5,000, but larger amounts can be requested. INATAI is a strong supporter of many actions in Central and Eastern Washington. APPLY

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