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National Battleground: Dayton, Washington, Columbia County

In a twist that has thrust Dayton into the national spotlight, its public library faced closure, marking it as the first in the nation to have grappled with the threat of shutting its doors due to book censorship. The attempt to close the library stems from a minority of residents advocating the radicalized extremist MAGA ideology, showcasing a clash that brings attention to the complexities and vulnerabilities of our legal system (CrossCut).


The Dayton Chronicle reveals the formation of the Columbia County-based non-profit Neighbors United for Progress (NUP) in 2022. NUP emerged to address various concerns within their communities, demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding local assets like the public library.

NUP swiftly mobilized community support and took legal action by filing a lawsuit to prevent the library's potential closure from reaching the November 2023 ballot. In a recent update from NUP Chair Elise Severe, it was revealed that the organization has achieved significant progress in garnering bipartisan legislative support for crucial legal changes. These changes aim to fortify defenses against extremist groups and prevent the metaphorical "burning down" of community institutions.

For more details on the legislative developments, refer to Senate Bill 5824 (5824.pdf) and catch NUP Chair Elise Severe's testimony on Senate State Government & Elections - TVW. The timestamp for her testimony begins at 46:44.  Facebook:


Putting the Squeeze on MAGA: Reminding Central Washington Who We Are

In just under four months, Rural Americans United's groundbreaking pro-Democratic value messaging campaign in Central Washington has shown remarkable results.

  • There's been a notable uptick in new and renewed interest in engaging with the Democratic party, signaling a tangible shift in political engagement across the region.

  • Traditional media outlets are once again taking notice of Democratic stories, a welcome change after years of being overlooked.

  • We've assembled an Advisory Board that reflects the region's rich demographics to ensure that our campaign continues to resonate with the diverse voices of Central Washington.

  • We're coordinating a scientific poll to gauge the real impact of our programs, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of our messaging and outreach efforts.

MAGA's School Board Failures: Pushing Religious Schools

An unrelenting assault on our public education system by far-right extremists is nothing short of an attack on the very fabric of our nation. From denying access to knowledge and perpetuating segregation to replacing science with religious doctrine and even advocating for the closure of the Department of Education, these tactics are central to the Republican Party's agenda.

The recent recall of three far-right members of the Richland School Board - Semi Byrd, Kari Williams, and Audra Byrd - in 2023 serves as a stark example of the community's uprising against their unethical actions and intentions. Following their expulsion, Audra Byrd, a homeschooling advocate, is now launching Sage Patriot Classical Academy, a school dedicated to "Partnering with Parents, Educating Christian Patriots." 

These extreme religious schools, if Representative Dan Newhouse has his way, could soon be eligible for substantial voucher payments and other federal funding.


The influence of this movement extends far beyond Richland, as evidenced by the rise of Grace Church in Wenatchee. Investigative reporter Dominick Bonney is delving deep into this saga, uncovering tales of sex, money, and corruption that even AI couldn't conjure. For the full, sordid story, check out Dominick's blog on Substack. Dominick will be contributing to our newsletter periodically, shedding light on the dark underbelly of these radical movements.

Is Donald Trump Divine Providence?

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