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Our Story

We will create a democratic organization that represents all rural Americans.


Rural Americans United was born out of frustration. Passionate, valiant and determined democrats in rural America carry an ever increasing burden as they fight a battle of attrition, apathy and loss of resolve from their supporters. This widening gap between moderates and extremists provides fertile ground for division, hate and disinformation to take hold. This extremism takes hold in school boards, city councils, state legislatures, governorships and congress. All politics is local! 

  • There are more registered democrats then there are republicans in WA CD4

  • It is difficult to get event attendance even for Senator Patty Murray

  • Some labor unions are not endorsing democrats because an increasing number of members want to endorse republicans

  • Democratic organizations are stating that they will tacitly or explicitly endorse a republican candidate

  • Indigenous Tribes are endorsing and financially supporting republican candidates

  • Latino organizations stating that they will endorse a republican candidate if that moves their agenda forward

  • During the last election local people were sending their money ($25) across the country to fund 100’s of million dollar battleground races

  • The last Senator race saw a larger margin of loss in Central & Eastern Washington

  • The latino vote is shifting republican

  • Core democrats are fewer, doing more work and aging

  • Rural communities have lost political balance overshadowed by extremists

  • Democrats increasingly express real fear of being identified


We rebuild democratic infrastructure and build the party by reestablishing strength and confidence to give visibility and voice! People are challenged to join or lend their voice to organizations that seem fractured and unable to back them in times of need. Media discounts such organizations, money dries up and we quickly shift from thriving to surviving. We provide the energy, skills, expertise and funding to further strengthen the indomitable rural democrats and provide a counter to the extremists agenda. 


We pull on extensive expertise and skills from our personal careers, campaigns and access to experts. We are strategy based and project plan driven and our investments are made on a cost benefit analysis that provides ROI. We are keenly aware of how broken the election machine is and how it is resistant to change, evolution or adaptation; it thrives on increasing amounts of money with marginal benefit. Our methodology is to invest in infrastructure to create a sustainable model that is specific to its constituents and creates an organization that can grow and, ultimately, get democrats respected and elected. Our model is designed for rural America and it works. 

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