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Rural Voices: Restoring Equity to Our Election Process

In This Newsletter:


  1. Our Backbone: Precinct Committee Officers

  2. The Unacceptable Cost For Dems: Far-Right Rural Reign

  3. Local Determined Democrats Put MAGA In Check

  4. For Political Groupies: Benton, Franklin and Tri-City Dems Meet and Greet

  5. Trump Took The Teeth Out Of The Johnson Amendment

  6. Dominick Bonny Investigates Christian Nationalism and Legal System


1. Our Backbone: Precinct Committee Officers

Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) are the backbone of the Democratic Party and the

democratic process. They serve two essential functions: 

1. They act as the eyes, ears, and advocates in their neighborhoods (precincts).

2. They participate in the election of party leadership. 

Currently, we are facing a crisis due to the lack of PCOs. It is estimated that only about 10% of all positions are filled, leaving us vulnerable during this critical election cycle.

Please contact us or your local Democratic Party for more information. By providing your address, we can determine your precinct and inform you of the responsibilities and how to become a PCO. It is time to step up to the task and embrace our democratic process with dedication.


2. The Unacceptable Cost for Dems: far-Right Rural Reign

The inequity of our election process greatly and needlessly disenfranchises a vast number of people, primarily living in rural areas. Please note that I never write to diminish the great work that Democrats do; I am grateful for every effort. It is my intent to call out areas where the status quo is inequitable and unnecessary. Proving wrong and reversing the assumption within the Democratic party that rural America deserves less is my, and so many others, highest priority.

Dismissal of rural America to focus on deep blue urban islands is a relatively new position for the Democratic Party. As recently as 1990, Democratic rural voters helped secure the majority of state houses (Jeff Bloodworth/ Liberal Democrat). However, Democrats now only hold about one-third of state houses. Democratic presidential election campaigns began consciously avoiding rural America during Clinton's era, and by Obama's tenure, rural visits were exceedingly rare. 

Why has the Democratic Party stopped showing up? The truth is, I don't think anyone really knows, but there are many opinions. If you talk to the Democratic Party or Democratic campaigns, the answer is standard: not enough votes, not enough money, the cost is too high or our role is to win elections. However, this narrative is false and self-fulfilled by not showing up. By minimizing rural America, the Democratic Party has effectively handed over rural voters to the far-right, allowing them to wield significant political power.

So what is this cost that is too high? It is $1,200, that's it. The estimated cost to get a young or non-Black person of color to vote Democrat is $1,200 (Politico/April 1, 2024). This number represents the worst-case scenario, where the Democratic Party is never present and probably never will be; they are just there to get the vote and leave. We must break free of the election-driven mindset and treat voters as people and not commodities; the cost would likely be far less and loyalty much stronger. Rural Americans United has estimated, based on our pro-Democratic messaging campaign, to be closer to $25 per person, reflecting a long-term strategy of education and trust-building.

There is no race more important than another, with the exception of President

The top four Democratic U.S. Senate candidates running in 2022 raised $200,000,000 more than their Republican opponents (USA Facts). This amount could fund sixty-seven senate races, 300 house races, or enable 166,667 young or people of color (POC) new voters to vote. If we continue to prioritize one race over another, we risk ignoring the millions of rural Americans living under MAGA rule, which is not a winning strategy.

You may consider donating to Marcus Flowers, and rightfully so. However, your decision may be influenced by the perceived importance of removing Marjorie Taylor Greene from office. Marcus Flowers spent $16,000,000 in the last election cycle (OpenSecrets). This sum is 13 times the total raised and spent by all Democratic Candidates in Central and Eastern Washington’s races (excluding Senate race). His loss is our loss.Putting all money and resources in a single “battleground” race may win the battle, but we may also lose the war.


3. Two Citizen Actions Keep MAGA In Check And Stalls Project 2025

When the MAGA majority of the Yakima City Council attempted to further insulate themselves from citizen accountability, community members pushed back! Coleen Anderson and Natalie McClendon led a furious petition drive. Three petitions were required, each needing 800 signatures. They collected over 1,100 signatures and submitted them to the County Clerk's office on April 4, 2024, putting a quick and decisive end to council members' unethical actions. Thank you

The Dayton Library Bill has passed, thanks to the tireless efforts of Neighbors United for Progress. On Tuesday, March 26th, Governor Jay Inslee signed into law SB 5824. Reprinted from NUP press release.


4.  Benton, Franklin And Tri-City Dems Meet And Greet

Friday April 12th 5-8pm UA Local 598 Plumbers and Steamfitters, 1328 Rd 28 Pasco

So far they have the following confirmed candidates! More will be added soon:

  • Denny Heck, Lt. Governor

  • Manka Dhingra, Attorney General

  • Nick Brown, Attorney General

  • Kevin Van de Wege, Public Lands Commissioner

  • Allen Lebovitz, Public Lands Commissioner

  • Rebecca Saldana, Public Lands Commissioner

  • Patricia Kuderer, Insurance Commissioner

  • Chris Reykdal, Superintendent of Public Instruction NP

  • Reid Saaris, Superintendent of Public Instruction NP

  • Steven Gonzalez, State Supreme Court

  • Salvador Mungia, State Supreme Court

  • Sheryl Gordon McCloud, State Supreme Court

  • Maria Beltran, State Senate


5.  Trump Took The Teeth Out Of The Johnson Amendment

On Thursday May 4, 2017 Trump signs executive order to ease restrictions on religious participation in politics (ABC News). 

In 1954, Congress approved an amendment by Sen. Lyndon Johnson to prohibit 501(c)(3) organizations, which includes charities and churches, from engaging in any political campaign activity. To the extent Congress has revisited the ban over the years, it has in fact strengthened the ban. The most recent change came in 1987 when Congress amended the language to clarify that the prohibition also applies to statements opposing candidates.


6.  Dominick Bonny Investigates Christian Nationalism and Legal System

Excerpt from Bonny's article:  

“This republic of sovereign States, founded in the Name of Jesus Christ and blessed for centuries, is now under Communist occupation by D.C., Beijing, and many state palaces,” the website reads. “The massive fraud in the 2020 election, combined with the criminal COVID-19 hoax were the work of criminals in the Deep State, DNC, Communist county machines and governors, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Communist China, Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS…destroying our economy and keeping Americans in concentration camps with no communication between us.” Read the entire article here.


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I appreciate the piece about how so much cash gets shoved into so few races, while literally thousands of other rural races get zilch. I don't know the answer, but we've got to play the long game, keep pushing, keep showing up, keep engaging with voters, keep communicating who we really are and what we're fighting for, in contrast to the horrible caricatures that the Right Wing Media bubble portrays us to be.


Tried online to apply for PCO position today. Didn't work. Please advise if Benton County still needs PCOs and how to apply.

Doug White
Doug White
11 avr.
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I have let Galen know. She is the right person.

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