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Six Nickels

Building media presence to counter MAGA messaging is number one response to our poll. Our data shows that democratic messaging received only during election cycles is increasingly viewed negatively and the absence of democratic messaging at all other times greatly benefits the republican agenda. This is clearly shown by consistent low voter turnout and by GenX, Latino and Union workers trending right in Central Washington.

Rural Americans United Priority Poll June 2023

MAGA republicans remain in the minority but they shout the loudest. Our city councils and elected officials are refusing to stand up to them. We must expand our voice!

It is beyond the time of remembering that a consistent democratic voice has been heard in Central Washington. This must change before we lose what little we still have. Main media does not carry our message and the vast majority of democrats are living in fear of speaking up. We must create a sense of unity, and balance the ridiculous and hate filled rhetoric of the MAGA with sensible democratic messaging.

For less than 1/2 the cost of sending one post card to one house we can reach 1000's with radio, TV and social media. Thirty cents for every registered voter in Central Washington will finance a fourteen month campaign, through the 2023 and 2024 elections, sending 1000's of democratic messages to every corner of the district to every voter, potential voter, future voter, disenfranchised citizen and republican voter. We will educate, persuade and win back voters lost.

We will

  • Push back MAGA rhetoric!

  • Reach every registered and potential voter in Central Washington

  • Strategically target precise messaging to educate, persuade and engage

  • Be the only democratic messaging most areas will ever receive

  • Reach the Latino community with consistent messages that address their concerns to mobilize the democratic vote

  • Educate reluctant voters that it is democratic ideals in Central Washington which provides: higher minimum wage, access to healthcare, school funding, rental assistance, federally funded union jobs, affordable housing, women's rights and more

Our research shows that contact with a single democratic message starts to sway voters, imagine what a thousand messages could do. We are preparing to launch in September of 2023 to assist local candidates and then continue paving the way for democratic wins in 2024. We measure impact on voter registration, voter turnout and voter trend to democrat.

We need your support to rebuild the trust and confidence with democrats across Central Washington. Join the Six Nickels campaign and make a reoccurring donation to turn Rural America Blue!

Much success,


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