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Our Projects

Rebuilding political infrastructure to increase the visibility and voice of rural America

Tri-Pride 2023

A very successful Pride event held in Memorial Park Pasco on July 8th 2023. Points of merit include:

  • Raising 5X more than previous Pride events

  • Over 2X as many vendors 

  • Excellent rating by both Pasco Police and the Franklin Benton County Parks Departments

pro-Democrat Messaging Campaign  


Rural Democrats have been silenced for too long. As we struggle to keep our heads above water, the far right rhetoric dominates. Our relationship with media, our gravitas and  messaging have greatly diminished. We must be visible and heard. This means reestablishing our media relations, managing media buys and ensuring that we have a well informed electorate

PCO Recruitment and Retention

Precinct Committee Officers (PCO) are vital to the success of the party politics. Precincts are like neighborhoods and PCOs monitor and manage them for the party. PCOs are also vital to the parties organizational structure where their votes elect leaders and delegates. Current filled precincts are only abut 20% of what is needed. Filling these creates greater opportunity for candidates to be elected and strengthen the party. We have developed a strategy based on the science of project management and human behavior. It is successful.

Campaign  Support 


We provide strategy, treasury advice, fundraising assistance, financial assistance, access to resources and real boots on the ground support. We are currently assisting with 7 campaigns in Yakima and the Tri-Cities.

Gun Safety for Community 


It is critical that progressive to moderate political thinkers own the gun safety space. We keep a dialogue open with teachers, parents, businesses, law enforcement community and elected leaders. Gun safety is a space that everyone can find common ground.  

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