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Granny Caravan: Unity Road Tour

Roz and Shirley Granny Caravan June 10, 2024.jpeg

Two Spokane octogenarians, Shirley Grossman and Roz Luther, have embarked on a remarkable journey to bridge community divides and promote civic engagement through their "Granny Caravan: Unity Road Tour." This unprecedented 16-stop tour across Eastern Washington aims to spread kindness, listen to residents' concerns, and encourage voter registration.

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Granny Caravan: Unity Road Tour


Starting at Shirley Grossman’s home at 4505 S Pittsburg St, Spokane, on June 11th at 11 am, Shirley and Roz will don their signature big purple hats and set off with posters, a table, and unbridled enthusiasm. Their mission is to foster respectful communication and highlight the importance of community solidarity.


"We used to be able to talk to each other without malice... and truly listen to each other! Roz and I would love to bring back that basic respect for all so we can communicate kindly," said Shirley Grossman.


Roz and Shirley's dedication to the Unity Tour is evident. In addition to registering voters, they will document the questions and concerns of the people they meet and present these findings to political candidates, advocating for more kindness in the political discourse.


Tour Itinerary:


- Trip 1: June 12-13 - Spokane to Deer Park to Newport 

- Trip 2: June 26-27 - Spokane to Colville to Kettle Falls to Republic 

- Trip 3: July 10-11 - Spokane to Davenport to Ritzville then Othello

- Trip 4: July 18 - Fairfield

- Trip 5: July 31 - Rosalia

- Trip 6: August 13 - Day trip to Colfax and Pullman

- Trip 7: August 28-29 - Clarkston and Pomeroy then to Dayton & Walla Walla 

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