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Pledge: Silence = Denied

Silence Donald Trump, and MAGA dies.

By adding your name to this pledge, you are silencing Donald Trump and MAGA by refusing to engage in any conversation, reading online articles, opening newsletters, or liking, commenting, or sharing social media posts about Donald Trump or his allies that promote him or glorify his morally corrupt behavior.

I Pledge,

This does not mean you will be immune from information about Trump, as it is important to know one's enemy. You simply will not participate in any way that gives him attention, good or bad, thereby further encouraging pundits, well-meaning friends, and lay or professional journalists from being motivated to elevate his significance in any way.

Your anger-motivated actions, as well-intentioned as they may be, give him power because they incentivize the media to produce more content about him and his ilk while minimizing the important work of President Joe Biden and his administration. Silence Donald Trump, and MAGA dies. Silence = Denied.

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