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Biden's Next Term Could Reshape the Supreme Court and Thwart Project 2025: A Deep Dive into Recent Judicial Rulings and Their Far-Reaching Implication 

During President Biden’s next administration, he will potentially appoint four new Justices, replacing Thomas, Alito, Roberts, and Sotomayor. The Supreme Court has few checks and balances as they are arbiters, not active players. There are two ways to challenge the Supreme Court: through Constitutional amendments and retirements. They are immune to constitutionally bulletproof legislation because they can overturn any law based on their interpretation. President Biden’s next administration will rein in the Supreme Court and kneecap the expansion of Project 2025, successfully securing our democracy for decades to come.

The question in my mind is how the Supreme Court became so integral and pivotal in our government's workings. It was not long ago that the Supreme Court was seldom heard, but Trump weaponized the judiciary. While it did not always favor him, the long game is paying huge dividends for his agenda. I remember him, when asked about his stance on abortion, quietly repeating, "Let the courts decide, let the courts decide."

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Cartoon reprinted without express permission, but hoping Clay Bennet and the Austin American Statesman are ok with it. ...
Cartoon reprinted without express permission, but hoping Clay Bennet and the Austin American Statesman are ok with it. ...

Four rulings by the Supreme Court in the last week have turned most everything we know about this country upside down. The Supreme Court's ruling making homelessness a crime will have far-reaching implications on our basic civil and human rights. The Court's further restriction on the use of obstruction charges against the January 6th traitors opens up opportunities for more violence against our country and its people. But there are two rulings that are the linchpins of Project 2025.

Project 2025 is the Heritage Foundation’s dystopian transition plan based on their delusion that there will be a next Trump administration. It is the well-detailed blueprint for gutting our Constitution, breaking down the rule of law, vacating a government by the people, and eliminating the checks and balances that keep the three branches of our government from going rogue on each other. The Supreme Court last week and today, July 1, 2025, secured two major pillars of Project 2025: removing Federal agencies from oversight and relegating them to administrative activities, and granting the President authority, up until now, only held by kings and despots. The President now has the authority to remake the government in their image and to kill—no, that is not an exaggeration—anyone they feel is a threat to them.

Starting with the gutting of Federal agencies. This is an important accomplishment for MAGA as they have been promising to eliminate the Department of Education and all other regulatory agencies, and this has now been accomplished with the overturning of the Chevron Deference. The Chevron Deference “deferred” the responsibility for interpreting laws written by Congress to experts, Federal Agencies, and prevented the courts from substituting their interpretation over that of experts.

"The scope of the Chevron deference doctrine was when a legislative delegation to an administrative agency on a particular issue or question was not explicit but rather implicit, a court may not substitute its own interpretation of the statute for a reasonable interpretation made by the administrative agency." (Cornell Law School, [Chevron Deference]

Now that the Supreme Court has placed the judiciary over Federal agencies, the agencies are greatly limited in their ability to enforce, engage, and create policy, rendering them more akin to personal assistants rather than CEOs.

The Supreme Court’s ruling on Presidential immunity opened the floodgate for Project 2025 to be fully implemented by granting the President sweeping powers and immunity from accountability. It is important to note how they framed their argument to specifically grant Trump immunity for what I believe to be his most egregious acts of treason. The Court ruled that a President can be held accountable for non-official acts but has immunity for official acts. They then went on to state that a President and Vice-President discuss matters often and these are official duties. Therefore, when Trump was talking with then-Vice President Pence about invalidating the electoral votes and declaring him the winner, that was an official duty. It is doubtful that any jury would have arrived at the same conclusion as a jury is instructed to act according to what a prudent person would do. No prudent person would advocate for the President with full command of the armed forces to overthrow our government for their benefit, but that was the Supreme Court’s interpretation.

Where do we go from here? It is clear that the MAGA methodology is highly effective, but it is one dimensional and shallow in its construct and does not withstand scrutiny. Unfortunately the media, social media influencers and Biden’s own campaign seems more interested in tearing down our president than shining light into this darkness. It is up to people like us to make this country aware of its greatness. Thank you for reading and finding strength in the good and not wallowing in the madness. 

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