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Meet Our Inaugural Advisory Board

Updated: May 2

We are a locally grown, grass roots organization and the voice of our many communities will be heard. Our inaugural Advisory Board is a beautiful cross section of Central Washington. To read their full bio's visit


Ignorance is not Bliss

The poll numbers are providing a clear picture of what we in Central Washington already know: the majority of Americans are oblivious to politics, and this poses potentially the greatest threat to our democracy since the Civil War.


"Disproportionate doom seems to be a new American affliction," writes Financial Times's John Burn-Murdoch (FT paywalled). Those least tuned into politics are more likely to rate their economic situation significantly more dire despite all indications to the contrary, as suggested by a TLP/ YouGov national polling reported by John Halpin of the Liberal Patriot.


In Central Washington, we are blessed with diversity, with half our population being Latino and home to the Confederated Colville Tribes and the Yakama Nation. These historically disenfranchised groups, coupled with the fact that 80% of the district's residents have never heard a pro-democratic message, explain the shift in sentiment and voters moving to the far-right by double digits (Split Ticket).


Feel the joy! Recognizing a problem is the first step to a solution. While we may not know all the reasons eligible voters are "tuned out," we have foundational understandings that provide clear paths of action.


The vast majority of Central Washington residents have a household income half that of King County. Maslow's hierarchy of needs explains it well; addressing basic needs must precede pondering the fates of humanity, or the struggle will blind you from all else.

In our digital world, where information is primarily delivered electronically and manipulated by algorithms, choices presented to us are exaggerations of our interests rather than a reflection of the world as it is. 

Political messaging, driven by money and polling, tends to focus on population-dense urban areas rather than Tonasket. 


Rural Americans United understands this and is strategizing to overcome these obstacles. Since last October, we've been broadcasting pro-democratic messages all across Central Washington, assembling a diverse group representing our community. We are all amazing, and together, we will get this done!

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