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The Pledge: Silence = Death

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1. The Pledge: Silence = Death, How We Save Our Nation

I made a pledge today, and I ask you to do the same. All evidence points to Democrats inadvertently strengthening Donald Trump. In our rage and naivety, we are empowering the very thing we want to destroy: MAGA. I will give you three concrete reasons to make this pledge. Share it with others and make it our mission until DJT and MAGA are erased.

Mentions by Media Type: Biden Maga
No Trump post was made by a Trump organization; they were all by liberal media. With the exception of two posts, all of Pro-Biden posts were made by the Biden administration; none were made by liberal media or persons that identify as Democrats.

The credo Silence = Death is very powerful to me. Turning twenty in 1981, at the start of the AIDS crisis, I quickly learned that without a strong and demanding voice, you could be easily dismissed. I use that same conviction, Silence = Death, to put an end to Donald Trump and MAGA ideology.

Google Trends; Donald Trump is talked about more than Biden in every state!

I was at a gathering last week. It was nice and filled with smart, informed people. During the conversations, two women in their thirties expressed their frustration with both parties. They claimed both were corrupt, that Biden was draining the country’s resources, leaving no future, and driving us into a depression. None of this is true, but this is what they believed. We can debate the facts, but not their perception of the situation. How did we get here?

Three reasons: Ego, Money, and Algorithms. What occupies my thoughts? Not Biden’s successes, but the latest Trump horror show. We are drawn to the spectacle, and like all things negative, it takes a devastating toll on us. Our obsession with Trump, according to studies, is weakening the sense of right and good. Constant exposure to violence moves liberals towards conservative thinking, which cannot be allowed. Instead of supporting our candidate, we are feeding the monster, and this must stop. It only increases his power and weakens us. How does this work?

Joe Biden rocks Google Trends
Google Trends: The only topics where Biden leads in all states

  1. Ego: We all succumb to it at some point. We talk, like, post, share, and ruminate on our outrage. Has a good outcome ever come from a singular focus on the bad? No. Whether raising a child or winning a war, focusing on the good in us spurs us on. Don’t let the desire for likes or losing sight of real reasons blind you.

  2. Money: It drives everything! Your power lies in opening newsletters, reading posts, and liking and sharing content. Content creators, both amateur and professional, need to feed their audience, and you will get more of what you engage with. Every time you give attention to DJT or his minions, you ensure more will follow. Stop acknowledging him, and the content will change.

  3. Algorithms: They are more powerful and insidious than most think. They determine our likes and dislikes but the real power lies in grouping people based on online behavior and other data. When you like a post, more similar content appears in your feed, and more people like you see it too. What it doesn’t do is make it prevalent in feeds of people unlike you. It also limits non-conforming content in your feed. If you like Trump, you won’t see Biden. How does that help?

Google Trends: Presidential Mentions
You did this! Trump is always talked about more than our great President

Cheat Sheet: What to Like

Social Media Posts of President Biden
What to Like

2. Granny Caravan Hits The Road

The launch party was Tuesday June 11th which set the stage for an early next morning departure. Here are some heartwarming pictures, make sure you check out their webpage and find regular updates on our social media and blog posts.

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3. Rural Americans United's Management Expands

We are proud to announce the expansion of our Advisory Board Members Odalys Gonzalez and Shirley Grossman. Joining as a Director is Maricela Sanchez. Please join us in welcoming them and read their impressive biographies on our website.

From left to right: Maricela Sanchez, Odalys Gonzalez and Shirley Grossman


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Your generous support is the backbone of our efforts. Every donation, whether large or small, empowers us to reach out, engage, and ensure that every voice is heard in Central and Eastern Washington. We are on a mission to bring sensible politics back to our region, and we can't do it without you.


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4. Potpourri: Data And Dashboards

Threats cause liberals to think like conservatives

Biden Investment Tracker


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