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The Washington State GOP has declared war on democracy

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  1. Voter Registration: Opportunities To Change The Future

  2. The Washington State GOP Declares War On Democracy

  3. Snazzy Swag For Our Super Supporters

  4. The Community Turns Out and Shows Up

  5. PCO Please: Register by May 10th

In the next newsletter: More data to drive smart election decisions, Rural Americans United project updates, Candidates page on Rural Americans United's Website released and more

1. Voter Registration: Opportunities To Change The Future

Great job to all who are putting in the effort for new voter registration—it's really making a difference! In Central and Eastern Washington, the number of newly registered voters in 2024 could make up 2-5% of the total voter turnout, possibly even reaching 12% when combined with 2023 registrations. Given the struggles with Democratic voting numbers, this new voter base is incredibly important.

However, reaching these voters poses challenges. Despite the efforts of organizations focused on voter education and outreach, many newly registered voters slip away or become targets for the far-right.

To tackle this issue, Rural Americans United has launched the "Second Touch" program. This initiative involves following up with newly registered voters to provide them with information about Democrats in Central and Eastern Washington and counter the influence of MAGA rhetoric. With an election year underway, it's crucial that these voters hear democratic messages, especially as they're likely to receive other messages from our candidates.

Data provided by Washington State. Asotin, Lincoln and Spokane counties data is missing along with Yakima county's March 2024 voter registration data.

We've been reaching out to local organizations in Central and Eastern Washington to support voter outreach efforts. Some counties lack the resources needed to carry out these efforts effectively. Rural Americans United is stepping in where we can to fill this gap and ensure that voters have access to the information they need. If you wish to help out please contact us for more information.

2. Washington State GOP Wages War On Democracy

The Washington State GOP has declared war on democracy. A recent article in the Seattle Times covering the Washington State GOP convention highlighted some troubling concerns which were further discussed on Rachel Maddow. The GOP platform has shifted away from democracy, aiming to establish an absolute republic where Republican ideals and Republicanism would replace democratic values.

This image links to a TikTok

Some may argue that we are already a republic, questioning why this distinction is important. However, it's crucial because it reveals the direction the Republican Party, now being influenced by MAGA and Trump, wants to take the country.

A republic is a nation of laws written by representatives of the people, which sounds good in theory, ensuring equal treatment under the law. But this only holds true if those making the laws are impartial, and we know that's not always the case. Maintaining the democratic aspect of our government is critical to prevent those in power from becoming tyrants.

There is ample evidence that our government's structure has the potential to concentrate power, through legislator power, gerrymandering, voter suppression, passing self-serving laws, and more. These are implicit or explicit goals of MAGA's Project 2025, as stated by party members, including Trump.

Moving from democracy to a republic is not just about our form of government; it's about aligning the United States with MAGA ideology. By reinforcing the US as a republic, it makes the move to authoritarian rule seem inevitable.

Education is powerful. Long-term education campaigns have influenced behaviors such as wearing seat belts and quitting smoking, and in rural America, they've embraced MAGA ideology. Education can also be the most effective tool in restoring democratic values and sensibilities in rural America.

Rural Americans United is transitioning our successful pro-democratic values radio messaging campaign into a groundbreaking initiative in Central and Eastern Washington. This scientific approach engages low voter turnout populations through micro-dialogues to understand their interests and motivations. It's a departure from traditional polling methods, and we have high expectations for significant results.

3. Snazzy Stuff For Our Super Supporters

In February, we reached over 100 recurring donors, which allowed us to expand our programs. Now, our goal is to reach 150 recurring donations by the end of May! If our purpose and performance aren't convincing enough, here's some snazzy swag.

4. The Community Turns Out

We celebrate many cultures in Central and Eastern Washington. This month we pay special tribute to Asian American and Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islanders Heritage Month and Latino communities.

Cinco de Mayo in Pasco was huge. The festival almost did not happen due to financial problems of the organizing group, but local community members came together and fun was had by all. We all have the spirit to make life better.

5. Dominick Bonny: Christian Nationalism And Their Call To Violence

A charismatic Christian group fixated on the end times called The Collective kicked off a four-week survival and "Kingdom Defense" workshop series in Chelan County this past weekend, and in it attendees will receive beginning and intermediate firearms training, learn the basics of battlefield medicine and food prepping for disaster scenarios, among other skills. This Collective is affiliated with an organization out of Portland, Oregon and the leader is a woman named Jenny Donnelly. She and her husband Bob have a vision to take back America and dominate the "seven mountains of influence" thus ushering in the second coming of Jesus Christ. They held rallies at the state capitals across the country earlier this month and they're not done yet. You can read more about The Collective, The Donnellys and what we can expect from Christian Nationalists this year from investigative reporter Dominick Bonny here

6. PCO Please!

The Democrat party needs Precinct Committee Officers. They are the backbone of all that happens. Think of it as being the eyes and ears of your neighborhood. This is an elected position. It costs nothing and you do not need to know your precinct number. Just go to the site below before 4pm on Friday May 10th and follow the simple instructions. All you need to know is your name, date of birth, address, the position is "precinct" and that you are a Democrat.

Thank you

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