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Democrats Cure MAGA Cancer: Sunlight

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  1. Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave

  2. Two Groups Bring Victory To Central and Eastern Washington

  3. It Is In The Mail, Almost. . .

  4. TikTok, TikTok: Biden

  5. Freedom Is A Constitutional Right: So Why Don't We Have It?

1. Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave

In the realm of Democrats, truth reigns supreme,

Where accountability is not just a dream.

Should error arise, we first look within,

For in self-reflection, our journey begins.

Yet as we traverse this path of integrity,

We ponder the cost of our moral decree.

For while lies and deceit may briefly succeed,

Their shadowy presence plants a perilous seed.

From the depths of MAGA, corruption unfurls,

An egotistical tempest that disrupts and whirls.

When virtue is mocked, and greed is extolled,

The foundation of justice begins to erode.

In the realm of Democratic ideals, we stand,

Clarity our beacon, guiding our hand.

Though the road may be rugged, the journey steep,

We uphold our values, in darkness, we keep.

For even in the bleakest of night's embrace,

The moon's gentle glow reveals grace.

So let us remain steadfast, in our quest for the right,

For in the flicker of hope, we find our might.


2. Two Groups Bringing Democracy to Central And Eastern Washington

The local, state, and national Democratic Party help to hold the line. They energize the base, canvass those who identify as Democrats, and get out the vote for those Democrats who vote intermittently. This delivers a little over 30% of the votes cast in Central and Eastern Washington. Rural Americans United focuses on the other 21% needed to win. Where are these votes found?

newly registered voter in Central and Eastern Washington
Source Washington State voter registration database: Newly Registered April, 2024

We are supported by an excellent data team and leverage relationships with the University of Washington’s Election Database Team and, more recently, the Minority and Justice Commission. Newly registered voters and registered voters who haven't voted make up a huge, virtually untapped group. Having never voted, these groups do not have an identified political affiliation and therefore receive little to no attention from political parties, which spend resources on potential votes, not voters. Data on newly registered voters was introduced in the last blog, and non-voters, titled 'unheard voices,' was discussed in a previous blog.

Newly Registered Voters by Age and Gender Central and Eastern Washington
Source Washington State voter registration database: Newly Registered April, 2024

Newly registered voters are, for this election cycle, the most expedient to reach. Rural Americans United, with the generous help of Nils Whitmont, has compiled a database of newly registered voters. From here, we can start to strategize on how best to target and persuade. Voter registration drives are only a small, labor-intensive portion. While we are grateful to all the organizations that stand at a table all day to register voters, it is not the best use of Rural American United’s resources. However, looking at the breakdown of voters by county, we can see opportunities to contact voters in key areas where even a slight increase in voter turnout could swing elections toward Democrats. Biden lost Walla Walla County by 6% and Spokane County by 4%.

Newly Registered Voters by County in Central and Eastern Washington April
Source Washington State voter registration database: Newly Registered April, 2024

Source Washington State voter registration database: Newly registered voters in April 2024 for counties in Central and Eastern Washington

Rural Americans United will launch a campaign next month to initially deliver 1,000 postcards per month to key areas. We will measure success based on changes in voter turnout and confirming which newly registered voters did vote. The projected cost of this project is $12,000. We hope you see the value in this exercise as we do and contribute generously.


3. It Is In The Mail . . . Almost

Thank you to all our generous donors who have contributed $25 or $50 per month for six months! We're thrilled to announce that in June, we'll be ordering mugs or hats for your delivery. And for those of you who've supported us with recurring donations of $5 per month, we're sending you a beautiful refrigerator magnet. Your continuous support truly makes our work possible. Thank you!


4. TikTok, TikTok: Biden

Who wins an election when only one person is running? I created this TikTok out of frustration with the media and Biden's campaign. Biden has accomplished so much and yet receives little to no attention. In a recent issue of The New Republic, eleven articles were featured: Five focused on Trump, five on Trump's cronies, and only one on Biden, titled 'Democrats Have A Joe Biden Problem.' Biden's treatment by the media is quite literally a 'with friends like that, who needs enemies?' story.


I am a solid Democrat engaged in politics, and my news feeds definitely reflect that. The economy is doing well, inflation is down, the stock market is up, investment in our country is booming, and we are strong on the world stage. But all I know is that Trump is a horrible person, managing multiple trials and setting attendance records at rallies. Even on the off chance someone shares a Biden ad with me, I can pretty much guarantee it is about how bad Trump is. P.T. Barnum said there is no such thing as bad press, and we are all familiar with Oscar Wilde’s famous quote: 'The only thing worse than people talking about you is nobody talking about you.' And Trump is getting a ton of attention, and this free media is more than making up for any shortfall in campaign money he may have many times over. The fact that I, ME! Wake up wondering what Trump headline there will be rather than Biden really hits home.

You might think, as the Biden administration and many Democrats seem to think, that the repulsive nature of Trump will lose him the election. That simply is not true, or at least not supported by anything tangible, as we see virtually all voter demographics shifting toward Trump. You know the vast majority of people do not see the warts and all that us diligent Democrats do. They get glimpses of a strong person, bucking the system unflinchingly, challenging anything put to him: a cowboy type. His transgressions, as morally corrupt as they are, have become badges of honor, and attempts for Democrats to paint them differently seem to only make them more attractive. Voters' memories, right or wrong, are of good times with a robust economy, standing up to China, and making our country safe from foreigners. That is absolutely untrue, but truth is only what you can sell. There is still time, but in my humble opinion, Biden seemingly putting all his eggs in the 'people will realize how bad he is and vote responsibly' basket and winning on that isn’t a bet I wouldn’t take. Dark Brandon needs to come back and stay. The media will not cater to a beige politician no matter how good they may be. I will do my part; you need to do yours. Riding with Biden.



5. Freedom Is A Constitutional Right: So Why Don't We Have It?

Last night, I saw the play '9-5' performed

at the Yakima Warehouse Theater. It was straight-up ACES, so well done. But I couldn’t help walking away with a sense of foreboding. Set in 1979, it had a simple premise: women’s revolt against a sexist and misogynistic society where women were legally and culturally second-class citizens. Even in this 'reach for the stars' heroic tale, the women couldn't envision a future beyond managing their own little department; the CEO position was still seen as out of their reach. After so much progress, it pains me to see legislation and cultural biases gaining popular momentum to force women back into a second-class role. Do not surrender your freedom; it should never have been kept from you in the first place.

Iranian women, 197x - 2024


Thank you,

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